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WordPress for the iPhone

June 11th, 2009 No comments

WordpressSince my mac has been separated from me (temporarily) there’s not much I can do about being online. The saving grace is my iPhone.

And since I already have apps for twitter, gmail, google reader, Flickr and a few other ‘extreme’ necessities on the iPhone I was thinking that wouldn’t it be nice if there was an application which would let me follow my friendfeed stream and something for wordpress which would let me upload stuff to my blog.

And lo behold I found out that there is such a thing as WordPress for the iPhone. I must admit that though I try out a lot of things on the iPhone I did not know about this application and now that I do …. Here’s my first post using WordPress for the iPhone .

It’s not bad and gives you options to manage your pages, posts and comments and also has options for multiple blogs.

I am still playing around with it and will update if I find something interesting or if I don’t.

Update : tried to insert a link and couldn’t find any way to easily do it and I started clumsily typing in the HTML tags and suddenly up pops a dialogue box asking me if I want to create a link and feeling like a dunce who has just been caught out trying to do something simple in a complex way I say yes and then I am asked to enter the text for the link and the link address and it automatically puts in the complete HTML for the link.

Sweet … but how do I bring up the dialogue box without having to go through the motions of having to almost type out the beginnings of a link.

Update 2 :Also It Would be nice if there is an option to automatically select and enter a few standard HTML tags such as lists, links, images etc.