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Centrifugal after effects of living

April 2nd, 2011 7 comments

The centrifugal force of life has been really acting up on me.

Let’s create a frame of reference, let desires be at the centre and let our mind be tied to this centre. The centrifugal force of life then, is the outward acting force that applies on our mind as we undergo a rotational motion around the centre.

Our mind, tied into our desires keeps running in circles around the desires that are rooted right at the center of our mind. The more we run around them, the more the outward force that applies. It does get unbearable. Most of us successfully manage to find the equilibrium which exists on a thin boundary where the desires expertly balance us so that we don’t completely get thrown away tangentially.

Some of us get too enamoured by desire and fall into them while some of us get too sick of them and just lose them and get flung very far away.

Pity the ones who remain bound. For it is them who have to go through the agonising pain of being at the rim and going round and round in circles.

I am no different, yet waiting to fall in or to be thrown far away. Still going in circles. Completely aware that i am but yet with no understanding of how not to be.