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September 30th, 2009 3 comments

Where do you turn to for Inspiration? … Inside You? … Outside?

What if, at times … it just doesn’t seem to be worth the search?

What if in the echoing silence all around there are screams of chaos? What when, the silence is more deafening than the screams?

We fall, stumble, get up and dust ourselves and march on with heads held high … for how long? Sometimes the march itself is aimless. What happens when you are moving in circles?

What happens when axioms remain just that … axioms, but are eventually no closer to the truth than truth itself. What happens when the hollowness is all ensuing and omnipresent.

What happens when reflections are empty and all you see is the void. What if the presence of the void is scarier than the void itself?

What happens when things that matter run through their shelf life?

What happens when the questions just remain questions and the answer, even though present, isn’t an answer?

What happens when all you see in the void are vestigial fragments of a once delirious vision, floating in the murky waters of a fragmented conscious?

Sometimes … It takes so much more to sit and watch the world go by.

What i pray for

With Due Credits to Bill Watterson and His Magnificent Creation: Calvin and Hobbes