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July 31st, 2009 9 comments

Chicken Pox ….. is not a pleasant thing!!!

My first reaction when i heard that i had Chicken Pox was one of mild excitement. I haven’t been this sick for quite some time so i was mildly excited right after stepping out of the Clinic.

That was 5 days …. and the excitement lasted all of 30 minutes. I hate being sick. I hate staying in bed not able to do anything. I hate this enforced resting period 🙁

Apparently its still only halfway through so the pox is still playing finely with my body. Looks like it’ll take me the better part of next week to recover.

I never thought i’d hate staying in bed so much.  😕


Where no man has ever set foot before …

July 22nd, 2009 No comments

Apollo 11 Insignia [Image taken from Wikipedia article about Apollo 11]July 20th 1969 – Apollo 11

The day man first set foot on the moon.

I can’t ever imagine what it must’ve felt like to see the Earth from 250,000 Miles Away. To actually be able to separate yourself from Earth and look at it in a setting which most of us have only seen in photographs or movies.

Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin were the chosen 3 to be the first on a manned mission to the moon. All of them were veterans and had previously made space flights before. Even then i would believe that the expectation of landing on the Moon and seeing things around you in Space, the apprehension of doing something never done before.

To literally go where no man has gone before.

I wish i could’ve been one of them. To be in space, the cosmos and see the darkness all around you, to see the glimmering white and blue Earth in a distance and to know that you are on the Moon, 250,000 Miles away from home. And you are part of an event that is a major Footnote in the history of mankind.

Years of research, years of hard work. A lot of it could’ve gone wrong, but it didn’t.

The event and the Apollo 11 Mission are a standing testament to Science. To the people behind the scenes who made it happen, to the people who worked so hard, to the people who dared to dream.

Hats off to you guys.

I can unashamedly say that everytime i watch this video i just go all speechless and lost. This is real beauty.

I hear “Magnificent Desolation” and i can only wonder what it would be like.

Pictures from the Moon Landing

“That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind” – Neil Armstrong

WordPress Baby Steps – Part 1

July 9th, 2009 No comments

WordpressI’m quite new to WordPress. So there’s a lot of hiccups and accidents that i tend to make while trying to get the install up to what i want it to be.

The WordPress Baby Steps will be my experiences of stumbling through WordPress.

Current Scenario:
Me trying to change where the Tagline for the blog points to.

The title of my blog currently points to the blog itself. Which is fine for most cases, but in my case i wanted it to point back to just so that the user has an easy way of going to the landing page for the website.

Now i wasn’t sure how to do this and i kept playing around with a lot of settings and stumbled across the two settings below.

wp-admin -> Settings -> General – WordPress address
wp-admin -> Settings -> General – Blog Address

Like most other guys, reading instructions is not built into my system and i proceeded to try changing it without worrying too much about what it actually does change.

I changed the WordPress address URL and saved my settings and all seemed to be fine. I could access the website, get to the blog, browse the posts but the link wouldn’t work. So i tried to go into wp-admin and realised that it was redirecting to which wasn’t right since it needed to redirect to

And i realised what i had changed – doh!

But now more importantly i needed to be able to figure out how to reverse the change because i had lost admin access to my blog. There was no way i could see to be able to get to wp-admin because of the redirection.

I headed off to the WordPress Codex and started reading around to figure out how to reverse what i had just done. And i stumbled across Changing the Site URL.

I tried the quick fix method which involved adding the following lines at the beginning of the functions.php file for the active theme.


Replace with the address for your WordPress install.

If you only have ftp access to your server then y
ou can download the functions.php file locally, make the changes and then reupload it or if you have shell access to your account you can make the changes on the server itself.

Just remember to remove the lines after you've fixed the problem.

Eventually i still haven’t changed the link for the Tagline 🙁 . Soon. Soon.

Update: For my theme (iNove) I needed to modify the header.php file. In header.php look for the line that starts the top bar navigation,

<!-- navigation START -->
<div id="navigation">
	<!-- menus START -->
	<ul id="menus">

This is the beginning of the list that displays the navigation menu at the top. You need to add a list element to this list to display your link.

for e.g. To add a link to the top navigation bar which points to Google you need to add the following line

 <li><a href="">Google</a></li>

Turns out it was quite easy and painless in the end.

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