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October 29th, 2007 7 comments

Update: Sentient Intelligence is my other blog Where i write all the techie stuff. But the basic idea for both the blogs remains the same – An attempt to understand 🙂

For ages and ages i have toyed with the idea of blogging and here it finally is!

sentient intelligence thats what i call myself wanted to call myself on the internet and i got asked recently – Why “Sentient”?

Well honestly it was because i am lazy and i picked up sentient because i was watching the Matrix and the Sentinels sort of took my fancy at the time.

But later i found out that Sentient means something which has the capacity for basic consciousness. And in retrospect that is what i am after.

Basic consciousness, an ability to understand why i do what i do and why i like it or not.

This blog here is an attempt at retrospectively trying to look at things around me and how i react to them.

And funnily enough this exact same thing was what was stopping me from blogging, the belief that i am taking things in without being judgemental, not that i don’t have an opinion, but a desire to understand anything before i classify it in my brain and scream out an opinion about it.

So blogging wasn’t an option because i don’t have a lot to say but more to ask. But then i think what better way to find answers than to ask others?

Now I just have to get over my laziness 🙂